How did PUBG Become the Biggest Video Game?


If you go back three years, Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG, was living in Ireland in a welfare home.Flash-forward to now, and he is one of the brilliant minds behind the most popular video game in the world. With a steady combination of marketing and viral buzz, through streaming services like Twitch and a spin on the shootout genre, it pushed the game to popularity that was on the same level with legendary games like Call of Duty.The marketing for PUBG, and PUBG download, went all out and included extensive production and advertising budgets.

Now, if you’re new to the concept of PUBG and are unaware of its popularity, then I have listed a few facts so that you can know more about PUBG.

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it’s an online battle royalemultiplayer game that was developed by a corporation going by the same name. PUBG is not a one of a kind game, as mentioned before, it falls in the shooter genre of video games.

The game has taken inspiration from battle movies and stories hence, making the genre pretty saturated. The game shot to success because of the connection it achieved to create with the players and because of the presentation as well.  In the era of video games, audience interaction and excellent performance are two components that determine a game’s success rate.

PUBG is a non-valve game that is on its way to having the most players, and it’s not a regular occurrence to overtake Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2, which happen to be the top-rated games by Steam, but PUBG has made it seem that it can be possible to have the most players in the gaming sphere.

The game sold more than 5 million copies during the initial months of last year and it became a huge success while it was still in the stages of its early access.


PUBG didn’t go for any traditional or conventional marketing methods. They did not have any big companies in malls like some of the favorite mainstream games; their main plan involved double dip digital marketing. This marketing provides the game to many streamers to play through their Stream and YouTube channels. Streamers loved the gameplay, and it spread like wildfire among the gaming community. This increased the demand caused by an increase in sales that were created by gamers and viewers alike. The smart marketing move made PUBG immensely successful.

The game’s developers have now added a first-person mode, which has been quite successful, along with two new maps on the horizon. The mobile and PC PUBG download adaptations have also become immensely popular. It’s safe to say that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has become one of the most successful games in recent times and is worthy of all the praise and attention that it has been receiving. However, players still need to understand that the game is still a “work in progress” with developers working hard to meet customer demand and introducing new features as well.