Tactics And Shooting Action With SWAT 4


Get ready for action with this SWAT 4 free download! When it comes to games that mix first person shooter action with some smart tactics, SWAT 4 is one of the best of all time. Even now, people will spend top dollar to get an original physical copy of this game. Here, you can experience all SWAT 4 has to offer and you can do it all for free.

SWAT 4 is as the name suggests the fourth SWAT game and by far the best in the entire series. The game puts you in the role of an elite member of a SWAT team. Actually, in the story mode that the game has, SWAT 4 has you play as the leader of a SWAT team. Here you have to rescue hostages, take down bad guys and make sure each member of your team knows what they are doing and are safe.

Seriously one of the things that surprises most people about this SWAT 4 game is how amazing the single player campaign is. Released at a time when games were all about the multiplayer. SWAT 4 manages to not ignore the single player as it truly is a fun experience that is quite lengthy as it contains 13 action packed and thought-provoking missions for you to enjoy.

SWAT 4 is pretty stacked when it comes to multiplayer action too! One thing that sets this game apart from the rest is that you can play through the whole campaign with a friend. In addition to this, you also have some great multiplayer modes that will really put your skills to the test.

In VIP Escort, one player is deemed the VIP and it is up to the rest of the team to protect them and escort them to the escape point. Barricade Suspects works are the games “team deathmatch mode” and is probably the first multiplayer mode you want to take advantage of in this SWAT 4 free download. In Rapid Deployment bombs are scattered across the map. You need to find them and dispose of them in the allocated time limit.

As you can see, SWAT 4 is a game that really does have it all. It is jam-packed with fun game modes and in all honesty, there really is not a bad mode in the bunch. There is no filler here at all, each mode is very well thought out and a ton of fun to play. You might want to start off with the campaign and then jump into multiplayer once you are comfortable with how the game works.

In terms of the presentation, SWAT 4 kicks things up several notches. Even for a game that is over 10 years old. SWAT 4 looks fantastic. It looked great back in 2005 and it even looks nice and smooth now. For this game, SWAT 4 moves from the West and is set in what is basically a fictional version of New York City.

You really are in for a treat with this SWAT 4 free download. There is very little (if anything) bad at all to say about this game. Not only is it a very fun first-person shooter. SWAT 4 also has a lot of brains and it is a game that offers you a fair challenge that will make you feel like a tactical mastermind when you get through a mission.