Things to know about custom bicycle jerseys before you start cycling


So, you’re new to cycling and not sure about wearing tight-fitting bike shorts, or a funny-looking jersey. Almost every cyclist has had similar feelings when they were getting started. We are here to help. Voler has a line of products that are perfect for those new to the sport. If you are only going to buy one garment, we suggest shorts.

However, after riding in a sweaty baggy T-shirt for a couple of hours, you’ll be ready for a proper cycling jersey. A large portion of our effort as cyclists is related to wind resistance, so it’s important to wear custom bicycle jerseys, form-fitting apparel; you don’t want a baggy shirt slowing you down.

Bike Shorts

The first thing to do is to break the ice and get a pair of cycling shorts. Yes, you may feel awkward the first few times you wear these, but your butt will thank you later. Custom bicycle jerseys have an actual pad that adds a great deal of comfort. If you are riding over ten miles, you should have proper bike shorts. We recommend black shorts for two reasons: they match with just about any jersey, and they’re slimming.

Pads, so many choices. You may have noticed that we offer a variety of pads. This is another choice that is completely a matter of personal preference. Bottoms with our more technical pads are pricier, but we suggest trying a variety until you know what you like. Since we have free returns and exchanges, go ahead and sample a couple, especially if it’s your first time shopping for cycling bottoms.

No Underwear -That’s right you do not wear underwear with cycling bottoms. The fabric will bunch up and create hot spots when riding for long distances. Padded cycling bottoms are designed to fit snugly against your body to provide the maximum amount of comfort. So, choose a pair that fit snuggly but is not constricting.


Once you get over the initial shock of wearing bike shorts, the rest is easy. A cycling jersey is a simple garment made of moisture-wicking technical fabric; usually with a front zipper and pockets on the back. With over 1,000 unique designs, we have the largest offering of cycling jersey designs anywhere. Plus, with semi-custom or full-custom options, the possibilities are endless.

Go Ride

Now that you are outfitted with the basics, go out and ride. If you are not 100% satisfied with your new Voler garments, please send them back. We have a hassle-free return and exchange policy and want to ensure that you love your cycling outfit.